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Kosher Desserts

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Ice Cream Cone Torte PDF Print E-mail


A KosherEye Signature Recipe

This is a basic layered ice cream torte recipe. It can be made with any flavor toppings, and any ice cream, sherbet or frozen yogurt.It can be made with crushed cookies, nuts or cake between the layers. For adults, a favorite liqueur can be swirled into the softened ice cream or topping.


1 quart each vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or your favorite 3 flavors of ice cream
1 jar each caramel topping, marshmallow topping, fudge or your favorite 3 toppings
1-package waffle type ice cream cones, crumbled into large pieces


Line the bottom of a 9–inch springform cake pan lined with parchment or waxed paper.

Soften all 3 quarts of ice cream, just until they are spreadable with spatula, NOT liquid.

In springform pan, spoon in vanilla ice cream; smooth with spatula; cover with caramel.

Repeat with next flavor and next topping; Repeat with next flavor and next topping.

Freeze. (Time permitting, each layer can be frozen separately and then process continued.)

About 15 minutes before serving, remove from freezer.

Top with crushed ice cream cones and then freshly whipped cream.


Yield: Approximately 10 servings

Optional: For a fun finish, add a  shake of rainbow or chocolate sprinkles
Tip: Warm toppings slightly to make spreading easier.

Recipes: Desserts, Ice Cream Torte, Dairy, Kosher

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