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A KosherEye Conversation with Chef David Kolotkin PDF Print E-mail


We continue our conversation with Chef David Kolotkin, Executive Chef of Solo and Prime Grill restaurants in Manhattan.

What are your favorite comfort foods to serve at home?
Stew! I especially enjoy veal stew served over risotto; Hardy braised dishes, Fresh pasta and homemade ravioli.

What are your 3 favorite kitchen tools?

  1. Chef’s knife – I use it for everything even opening cans and coring tomatoes
  2. Saute pan – for braising, and searing
  3. My #1 favorite tool is my hands!
  4. Favorite appliance – the food processor

Chef Kolotkin told us that he made a chocolate chip pumpkin cake with whipped cream recently and it was fabulous. (How about that recipe chef?) He also likes recreating non–kosher or hard to find ingredients to kosher; among other delicacies, he makes his own beef bacon, truffle oil, and chili oil. He wishes that raw items such as asparagus, broccoli and brussel sprouts were easier to use in a kosher kitchen.

What do most people not know about you?
I was a skydiver. I like to water ski and snow ski. My wife and I love hiking. Our last adventure was at Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

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